Business essentials for every entrepreneur | taught by Joe Hamgeri Co.
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Joe Hamgeri Co.
Joe Hamgeri Co.

About the Instructor

Joe Hamgeri founded Joe Hamgeri Co., a business financial coaching and consulting company that offers CFO services and business training for entrepreneurs. Joe has mentored over 100 business owners and entrepreneurs on legal, taxes, mindset and business model coaching, pricing, marketing, and selling services.

The Joe Hamgeri Co. office is located in Indianapolis and works with clients across the U.S.

This business training is for every entrepreneur and small business owner who wants to master the essentials and run their business the smart way. This training covers registering businesses, how to choose an LLC vs a different kind of entity, legal implications, everything you need to know about taxes for business, how to set up your business in a way that works for you, how to price, market, and sell yourself your services, how to pay yourself, how to hire employees, and time-saving tools that will put your business at the top of its game.


Lifetime Access to BASIX Training Modules  The most comprehensive business essentials training that exists. You’ll learn technical  things like how to set up your business, how to make your business legal and protect it, estimate your taxes for the year, and have a complete guide to tax deductions for your business. You’ll also learn practical things like how to make your business work for you and how to avoid burnout, how to offer and provide your services so your clients get massive value, how to price, market, and sell your services. Not done. You’ll also get access to our library of best tools and apps to use to make life easier for you. This training is complete with templates to help you map your path to success.

Awesome Support → You’ll get access to our private Facebook group where you can ask any questions you might have at any time and me or someone from my team will respond to you. Additionally, you’ll be able to schedule 1-on-1 time with me to get coaching on your specific needs.

Live Weekly Trainings → That's right! I’ll be doing live weekly trainings where I’ll dive deeper into the course content, teach new skills, answer your questions (technical or practical or essential), and coach you on how to make your business model more effective.

Exclusive Online Community → Doing it all alone is hard. Having a community of others like you who are on the journey of entrepreneur is way better. In the private Facebook Group, you will be alongside other entrepreneurs who are starting, growing, and improving their businesses.

Discounted Tickets To Live Workshops → Don’t forget about our live workshops here in Indianapolis. Well, we don’t let you forget ;) If you’re in the area, these workshops are a great opportunity for you to get some hands-on experience, learn from guest speakers/teachers, and connect with your fellow BASIX members.

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